Ex Libris Labels

In the nightIn the Night I, woodcut, 11.6 x 7.7cm 2013

In the night II

In the Night II, woodcut, 13.1 x 8.8 cm, 2013

The wolf that swallowed Red Riding Hood

The Wolf that Swallowed Red Riding Hood, woodcut, 5 x 11.9 cm, 2013


Unpublished Landscapes


A series of 12 woodcuts made during the 6 week residency at Frans Masereel Centrum in 2012

Prior to the residency at FMC, I wandered the streets hoping to find thrown out pieces of furniture to use for printmaking. Although I saw many, only a few could be collected, as many of them were made of fibreboards. It was interesting, and on the other hand sad, to see the short life span of these materials commonly used for furniture.

During the residency, with the pieces I gathered, I tried to capture and portray traces and marks that were left on the wood; some have nail marks, dovetail joints, stickers left from the previous owner, a key hole that became kiss marks on the prints, and so on.


The Story of Baguette Bunny

06MichellePark_Baguette_Bunny1 07MichellePark_Baguette_Bunny3 wrap_001_02_X1_0026(Stills from the animation)

A short animation about Baguette Bunny who stumbles upon a ladybird deep in the forest the night after the full moon.


An animation by Michelle Park

Camera and lighting  Stefan Eisenburger

Animators  Judith Bornmann, Anna Lytton, Eunjin Park, Michelle Park and Diana Sánchez

Music  Nicole Kim

Visuals and Story  Michelle Park

Script Editor  Olivier Krischer